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Those killer legs you’ve noticed pumping at the pedals can be yours. A cycling class combines a range of cycling styles to sculpt your muscles and get your heart racing. All with no need for a new wardrobe and no need to sacrifice half your weekend on a road ride.

Six reasons indoor cycling delivers the results you want:

1. If you are spinning your legs then your gluteus maximus muscles are engaged – this means your butt is working throughout an entire cycling workout. You may be seated but all that pedaling is no easy ride.

2. The cleverly designed mix of peaks, flat riding, time trials and interval training in a cycling class is designed to maximize your results and push you further. In a short space of time, you get an intense and varied workout designed by professionals.

3. There’s no stopping for a scenic selfie, coffee break or waiting at traffic lights. An indoor cycling class means constant motion, including recovery time. All those revolutions deliver a high impact cardio blast, working your legs from start to finish – not a moment wasted.

4. Cycling workouts are great for your cardiovascular fitness, putting the emphasis on toning and sculpting. You won’t be bulking up your muscles at this pace, but you will be sweating and working those legs.

5. It’s not just about the butt and thighs – indoor cycling gets all your leg muscles working. All that spinning sculpts strong calf muscles and targets your quads and hamstrings. You get a complete leg workout from pedal to bike seat.

6. If you think a stationary bike doesn’t offer a challenge – think again. Every time the instructor ups the ante for a hill climb your glute and thigh muscles will be burning.It’s like having a personal trainer pushing you up every hill.

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